Ornamental Pears

The surge in popularity over the past 20 years in the planting of ornamental pears has been phenomenal, mainly due to the calleryana hybrids that have come out of N. America. E.g. Glensform, Chanticleer etc. superceding the older Manchurian Pears (Pyrus ussuriensis) which are brittle and drop limbs.

Ornamental Pears are one of the easiest to grow of all garden trees and extremely hardy even tolerating wet sites including clay soils and drought.

Limestone Coast Advanced Trees takes pride in offering one of the largest ranges in Australia in many shapes and sizes, with spectacular spring blossom to autumn colours and even our Exclusive Evergreen variety , ‘Wintergreen ‘and ‘Mini Capital ‘ Variety.

‘Wintergreen’ has proved to be incredibly popular and has been trialled in all parts of Australia and can be used in suburban situations for a screen , hedge or pleached. Winter 2018 sees the Release of New ‘Mini Capital’ (exclusive to Limestone Coast Advanced Trees and is eagerly anticipated due to its compact height and width compared to normal ‘Capital’, Order early as there will be limited numbers in the first release.

We specialise in Bulk Quantities and have a huge range of sizes from Dormant (bare root in winter) right through to 200 litre and can accommodate large landscaping projects right down to a single tree for the home gardener.