2016 New Stock Roses

2016 New Stock Roses

We’re adding roses to the new and re-released roses for 2016 section and we’re ready to take orders.

(Right: Heidi's Wedding Rose)


Another great addition to the David Austin rose family. Slightly cupped, neatly placed petals open to perfect rosette shaped blooms. Slight tinges of yellow in the bud stage gently softening to pure white. We have found this to be bushy and upright in growth as with many of the newer English Roses and very thorn free. Lush green foliage with hints of apple perfume from the flowers. 1.3 m h x 1m wide

Tranquility Rose

Wollerton Old Hall

Named after the famous garden in Shropshire, near David Austin’s nursery. A must visit if you are there. I know every garden says this but this is amazing as it’s a modern garden in the old style around a 16th Century black and white timber hall. Anyway, this vigorous bush/ climber has cupped shaped blooms that age to cream from soft apricot .It has one of the strongest perfumes of any of The Austin’s. A strong, bushy upright shrub to around 1.5 m or a climber to 3m. Great on arches and arbours as it is nearly thornless.

Wollerton Old Hall Rose

Gra's Blue

Another Australian Bred rose, which is great to see. A compact grower, this roses exudes masses of perfume from its violet/ mauve blooms. Lush, disease resistant foliage. Ideal border or edging rose or for pots. Good cut flower and highly perfumed. 80cm high.

Gra's Blue Rose

Dark Desire

Beetroot /burgundy coloured blooms adorn this robust Hybrid tea. Masses of large Hybrid tea blooms with very intense perfume. Great cut flower. Grows 1.2m.

Dark Desire Rose

Little Wishes

A low growing border/ hedging/ landscaping rose that is smothered with flowers from spring to winter. Grows 80cm high x 1m wide. Rich purple double blooms with a white eye centre, lush foliage and perfume. What more could you want. Perfect for smaller gardens or pots or borders and edgings.

Little Wishes Rose

Per –Fyoom Per- Fyoom

Not sure about the name, but it says it all!! Medal winning rose across the world!Fragrant blooms of candy floss pink, healthy, lush foliage to 1.4m high by 1m wide. 5 out of 5 perfume rating, bound to be popular order Early!!

Per-Fyoom Per-Fyoom Rose

Pink Moon

Well we all love Blue Moon the parent of this stunner but with lots more perfume than its Blue parent. Bright pink, large flowers with lush foliage and free flowering to 1.2m. Bound to be a hit with cut flower lovers. Order early!!

Pink Moon Rose

Twilight Zone

Rich purple blooms larger than Ebb Tide, strong perfume and over 40 petals per bloom, this is my pick of the sell-out favourites for 2016. I may be wrong but rarely am, so order early as this is bound to be oversold with the amount of orders we have already!! Robust, bushy growth, good disease resistance are some of its other attributes.

Twilight Zone Rose


From the same breeder as Twilight Zone, this intense orange is a welcome addition to the sparse range of good, truly orange roses !! Masses of blooms smother this bush. Lush foliage grows to 1.5m.

Fearless Rose

A Daughter's Gift - Leukemia Research

An ideal gift giving rose that benefits at the same time! A beautifully perfumed Hybrid tea rose with clusters of velvety red blooms with a silvery reverse. Lush, disease resistant foliage to 1.5m high. A charity fundraiser rose for Research in to leukemia for the ‘Charles Gardiner Hopital Leukemia Fund’.

A Daughter's Gift Rose

Berry Delightful

Another great addition to the series of roses with “Eyes” that have come about through modern breeding of older roses such as hulthemia/ persica shrub roses. With all the vigour and hardiness this is massed with blooms in delicate outer shaded petal with a mulberry centre and golden boss of stamens. Perfumed blooms can be cut for a vase and grows around 90 x 90cm. Teamed up with “Eye of The Tiger” or “Eyes for You” would make a sensational display.

Berry Delightful Rose


Murdoch Children’s Research Institute-A lovely crisp white bloom is set off on the bright green foliage. A great cutting Hybrid tea with very strong perfume and vigour. Masses of blooms on a sturdy bush to 1.4m high. Proceeds from the sale to The Murdoch Children’s research Institute.

Brilliance Rose

Eye of the Tiger

Keep an eye out for others in the series. Eye of the Tiger is another in the series, this time with a yellow softening to apricot/ lemon with a distinct red eye. Low growing and hardy to around 80 cmx 80 cm.

Eye Of The Tiger Rose

With All My Heart

Nothing says from your Heart more than a red rose ! And this long stemmed, hybrid tea is no exception with very long vase life and a slight perfume. Deep crimson red buds unfurl to rich red with scalloped edges. Good vase rose. Grows 1.4m high.

With All My Heart Rose

City of Perth - St Vincent de Paul

Suffusions of lemon, peach, pink to almost cerise on the outer pointy petals of this rose give it an ever changing display. Lovely buds unfurl to a great cut flower bloom and chosen by St Vincent de Paul (W.A) as a fundraiser for their great work in Perth. 1.4 m high with a delicate perfume.

City Of Perth - St Vincent De Paul Rose

Shirley's Rose - Pancreatic Cancer

A delicate ivory lace coloured bloom with subtle peachy apricot in the centre. Masses of blooms with over 40 petals per bloom add to the fullness of this rose. Medal winner in Australia. Strong perfume and grows to around 1.4 m high. Proceeds from the sale of this rose to Pancreatic Cancer Research.

Shirley's Rose - Pancreatic Cancer

Firestar - C.F.S (Re-released)

Firestar has been re-released this year with proceeds from the sales now going to CFS. Unusual firey orange turning to raspberry with deeply cut scalloped petals. Quite an unusual bloom.

Firestar - C.F.S Rose

Kaila’s Wish – Crohn’s & Colitis Australia

This stunning hybrid tea rose is a fund raiser for Crohn’s & Colitis Australia and is named after Kaila who has been living with Crohn’s disease since age 15 and she is the instigator behind the release of this rose.

Part of the proceeds from each sale is donated to help with vital research.

The blooms are a rich gold with flame red reverse petals, which makes it a great cut flower variety and good for showing in a vase.

Size: Compact up to 1.2 metres high.

Kaila's Wish Rose

we will remember them rose

“We Will Remember Them” or in French “Nous nous rappellerons D’eux”

This stunning Hybrid Tea Rose from Guillot of France was chosen as a symbol of Remembrance from the people of France to recognise the special relationship between France and Australia. It has impressive two tone flowers in rich orange edged yellow blooms en masse. The blooms are lightly perfumed and repeat flowering well, either as single flowers or in clusters as with many of today’s modern Hybrid teas. As with all the Guillot roses it has fantastic disease resistance and is great for hedging too.

Proceeds from the sale are being directed to maintaining the war graves at Villers-Bretonneux.

Size: 1.6m h x 1m wide

We Will Remember Them Rose

Heidi’s Wedding Rose

Another fantastic Guillot Rose from France. Hand picked by a bride to be, the masses of bright china pink buds fade to soft pink. Intensely strong perfume on a stocky, spreading shrub rose, which is ideal for hedging or single planting. It has lovely disease resistant foliage.

Size: 1.2m x 1.2m.

Heidi's Wedding Rose

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