Patio Standards

We have included both Hybrid Tea, Floribundas, along with any breeds such as Delbard and so on and you can refer to the bush listings if you need more info. Patio standards are grafted on to a 60 cm (2 foot) rootstock stem and are ideal in pots (as the height will be elevated when potted) , low gardens around low windows , windy situations and where a shorter standard is desired. Standard Miniature Roses are almost always grafted to this height .

(Right: Iceburg)

Please note; Due to the huge Demand for our patio standard roses and the fact that these can be
Sent through Australia Post. Please order early to avoid Disappointment

PBR - this is basically a Royalty amount that goes back to the breeder or charity that has chosen
that rose as a fundraiser eg. Cancer council, Womens & Childrens hospital etc.
The extra prices on these compared to non PBR roses is the part the charity/ organisation takes.

Patio Standard Roses 60 cm ( 2 ft )

About Face PBR
Abraham Darby PBR David Austin
Adolf Hortsman
Afternoon Delight PBR
Aloha Club PBR
Amber Sun
Angel Face
Anne Boleyn PBR David Austin
Aoteroa PBR
Apricot Nector
Apricot Passion PBR
Ashram PBR
Aspirin PBR
Atomic Blonde PBR
Augusta Luise PBR
Baronne Ed De Rothschild
Baroque PBR
Be Bop 'Landrover' PBR
Bella Rosa
Belle of Berlin PBR
Best Friend PBR
Beyond Blue PBR
Big Purple PBR
Bionic Beauty PBR
Black Beauty 99 PBR
Black Velvet
Blooming Miracle PBR
Blue Bijoux
Blue Moon
Blue River
Blushing Knockout PBR
Blushing Pink Iceberg PBR
Blze of Glory PBR ( climber )
Bobby Dazzler
Bold Seduction PBR
Bonnie Babes PBR
Brass Band
Bridal Shower PBR
Bridal Sunrise PBR
Brigadoon PBR
Cabana PBR
Camp David
Candlelight PBR
Carefree Wonder PBR
Casanova PBR
Charles Darwin PBR David Austin
Charles de Gaulle
Cherries and Cream PBR
Chicago Peace
China Girl PBR "New 2013"
Chippendale PBR
City of Adelaide PBR
City of Newcastle PBR
Claire Rose
Close to You PBR
Comtess De Champagne PBR
Courage PBR
Crocus Rose PBR David Austin
Crown Princess Mary PBR
Cybelle PBR ( Guillot )
Cystic Fibrosis PBR
Dame Elizabeth Murdoch PBR
Dan Poncet PBR ( Guillot )
Daniel Morcombe Rose PBR "New 2014"
Darcey Bussell PBR David Austin
Daybreaker PBR
Deane Ross PBR
Diana, Princess of Wales PBR
Double Delight
Double Knockout PBR
Ebb Tide
Eglantyne PBR David Austin
Ekstase PBR
Emilien Guillot PBR
Emily PBR
Enchanting PBR "New 2013"
Enterprise Rose PBR
Eye of the Tiger
Eyes for You
Fabulous PBR
Fair Bianca
Falling in Love PBR
Falstaff PBR David Austin
Fathers Love PBR
Fiona Stanley PBR
Fionas Wish PBR
Fire and Ice PBR
Firestar PBR
Flemington Racecourse PBR
Flirtatious PBR
Florence Delattre PBR (Guillot )
Flower Carpet Amber
Flower Carpet Appleblossom
Flower Carpet Pink
Flower Carpet Pink
Flower Carpet Pink Splash
Flower Carpet Red
Flower Carpet White
Flower Carpet White
Forget Me Not PBR
Fourth of July CLB PBR
Fragrant Plum
Gene Tierney PBR ( Guillot )
Gertrude Jekyll PBR David Austin
Gift of Grace PBR
Gina Lollabrigida PBR
Glamis Castle PBR David Austin
Go for Gold PBR
Gold Bunny
Gold Juwel PBR
Gold N Fancey PBR
Golden Fairytale PBR


Golden Friendship PBR
Golden Iceberg PBR
Golden Touch Groundcover PBR
Good N Plenty PBR
Governor Macquarie PBR
Grace PBR David Austin
Graham Thomas
Grande Amore PBR
Grandmas Rose PBR
Grandpas Rose PBR
Grannies Bonnet PBR
Gruss an Aachen
Guardian Angle PBR

Hannah Gordon

Happy Anniversary
Heart of Gold PBR
Heaven Scent PBR
Helmut Schmidt
Heritage PBR David Austin
Home and Garden PBR
Honey Bouquet PBR
Honey Dijon PBR
Honey Perfume PBR
Hot Chocolate
Hot Cocoa PBR
Ian Thorpe PBR
Iceberg Blushing Pink
Iceberg Brilliant Pink
Iceberg Burgundy
In Appreciation PBR
Innocenia PBR
Jane Mcgrath PBR
John F Kennedy
Joy of Health PBR
Joy of Life PBR
Jubilee 150
Jubilee Celebration PBR David Austin
Jude the Obscure PBR
Judys Song PBR
Julia's Rose
Just Brilliant PBR
Just Joey
Kardinal 1987
Kilbreda Centenary PBR
Knockout PBR
La Minuette
La Rose Romantica PBR
La Sevillana
Lady of Megginch PBR David Austin
Lady X
Lavender Pinocchio
Leonardo Da Vinci PBR
Lichfield Angel PBR David Austin
Lili Marlene
Lillian Austin
Linked Hearts PBR
Little Chap PBR
Louisa Stone PBR
Love It PBR
Love Potion PBR
Loving Memory
Luciana PBR
Lupo PBR
Magic Fire PBR
Magic Moments PBR
Magma PBR
Mainau Feuer PBR
Make a Wish PBR
Makybe Diva PBR
Manou Meilland
Many Happy Returns PBR
Margaret Merrill
Martine Guillot PBR ( Guillot )
Mary Rose
Mathias Meilland
Mawson PBR
Mcleods Daughters PBR
Medeo PBR
Melglory PBR
Melinda Gainsford PBR
Michaelangelo PBR
Mme Paule Massad PBR ( Guillot )
Molineux PBR David Austin
Mon Petit Chou PBR
Moon Shadow PBR
Moonstone PBR
Mothers Love
Mr. Lincoln
Munstead Wood PBR David Austin
Neon Cowboy PBR
Neptune PBR
Oceane ( Guillot ) PBR
Olde Fragrance PBR
One Love
Oranges and Lemons PBR
Our Honey Olivia PBR
Our Rosey Carpet PBR
Outback Angel PBR
Outback Hero PBR
Pat Austin PBR David Austin
Paul Bocuse PBR ( Guillot )
Peacekeeper PBR
Perfect Harmony PBR " new 2014 "
Perfume Delight
Perfume Perfection PBR
Perfumed Passion PBR
Peter Brock Foundation Rose PBR "new 2012 "
Peter Frankenfeld
Pink Bassino PBR
Pink Kardinal
Pink Kardinal PBR
Pink Knockout PBR
Pinkie Min
Pretty Jessica
Pretty Polly PBR
Pride of Venus PBR
Princess Alexandra of Kent PBR
Princess of Wales PBR
Princesse de Monaco
Purple Cloud
Purple Rain PBR
Rabelais PBR
Radio Times PBR David Austin
Reconciliation PBR


Red Cross Rose PBR
Redoute PBR David Austin
Remember Me ( TM)
Renowns Samaritan PBR
Rod Beechey PBR
Route 66 PBR
Royal Dane
Sacred Heart PBR
Salmon Sensation PBR
Savoy Hotel PBR
Scentimental PBR
Sceptered Isle PBR David Austin
Scouts Honour PBR
Sexy Rexy
Shady Lady PBR
Sharifa Asma PBR David Austin
Shocking Blue
Shooting Star PBR
Sight Saver PBR
Silver Ghost PBR
Simply Magic PBR
Simply Marvellous PBR
Simply Sally PBR " new 2014 "
Sir Donald Bradman PBR
Sir John Betjeman David Austin
Skylark PBR David Austin
Slim Dusty
Smooth Angel PBR
Smooth Ballerina PBR
Smooth Buttercup PBR
Smooth Delight PBR
Smooth Destiny PBR
Smooth Dream PBR
Smooth Lady PBR
Smooth Little Treasure
Smooth Lollipop PBR
Smooth Memories PBR
Smooth Moonlight PBR
Smooth Prince PBR
Smooth Queen PBR
Smooth Romance PBR
Smooth Ruby Red PBR
Smooth Serenity PBR
Smooth Silver Moon PBR
Smooth Snowflake PBR
Smooth Splendor PBR
Smooth Sunglow PBR
Smooth Velvet PBR
So in Love PBR
Social Climber PBR
Sonia Rykiel PBR ( Guillot )
Sophy's Rose PBR David Austin
St Patrick PBR
Strawberry Crush
Strawberry Hill PBR David Austin
Stryke Me Pink PBR
Sultry PBR
Summer Fragrance PBR
Summer Memories PBR
Summer of Love PBR
Sundance PBR
Sunstruck PBR
Sweet Cailin PBR
Sweet Caitlin PBR
Sweet Haze PBR " new 2014 "
Sweet Honey
Sweet Intoxication PBR
Sweet Memory PBR
Sweet Splendour PBR
Sweet Susie PBR
Tantus Bernstein PBR
Tea Clipper PBR David Austin
Teasing Georgia PBR David Austin
Tequila la Sevillana PBR
Tequila Sunrise PBR
Tess of D'urbervilles PBR David Austin
Thank you Rose PBR
That’s life PBR
The Alnwick Rose PBR David Austin
The Childrens Rose PBR
The Mayflower PBR David Austin
The Pilgrim David Austin
Topsy Turvy
Transplant Aust. Thankyou Rose
True Friend PBR
Truly Yours
Tuff Stuff PBR
Tuscan Sun PBR
Twilight Mist
Ulysses PBR
Versigny PBR
Violina PBR
Vision PBR
Warm Wishes PBR
Whtie Spray
Wife of Bath
Wildcat PBR
Wildeve PBR David Austin
William Christie PBR ( Guillot )
William Shakespeare PBR David Austin
Winchester Cathedral PBR David Austin
Wisely 2008 David Austin
Young Lycidas David Austin

Patio Delbard 60 cm ( 2 ft )

Bordure Blanche
Bordure Camaieu
Bordure Magenta
Bordure Nacree