Gardenarium for Garden Lovers

Including Limestone Coast Roses & Limestone Coast Advanced Trees


Recycling and the Environment

Where possible we run our operation in as an environmentally way as possible. We offer a plastic pot recycling solution, as this type of plastic, whilst recyclable, is NOT accepted by the local councils for reprocessing so instead it will go to landfill.

We are happy to accept your pots for recycling. In the case of larger pot and tree tubs, they can be sterilised and re-used, some we give away to schools and charities, whilst others are collected by one of our pot manufacturers who grind them down and make them back in to pots. They have won numerous awards for this.

Look out for our sticker on our pots about recycling.

Similarly we use as little overhead watering as possible. This reduces the waste of this precious commodity. We recapture and reuse water where possible and use water saving products in all of our potting mixes. Our potting mixes are environmentally friendly to ecosystems and animals and these are available for you to buy for you to use when planting your garden.