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Blueberry Burst

This “Australian bred naturally dwarf Blueberry variety” has been selected by us with you in mind. It has extremely large fruit size, is high yielding with an early season flowering and early season harvest which makes it unique. The fruit size is three times bigger than current Blueberry varieties, about the size of a dollar coin. This is excellent for the home gardener. Harvest starts in early July in warmer areas and August/September in cooler growing areas

The fruit can be harvested over 3 – 4 months and is a crisp fleshed, sweet fruit. It’s a healthy, delicious fruit, filled with anti oxidants. Blueberries have been nick named Brain Berries and Youth Berries because of the high anti oxidant levels in them.

This variety is an evergreen, “naturally dwarfing” variety growing to 1.0m high x 0.75m in width. It is self fruitful and can be grown anywhere in Australia due to its low chilling requirement.

Blueberry Burst can be eaten fresh straight from the plant, frozen for future use, used in cakes and muffins and also jams.