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Aloe PolyPhylla


This much sought after succulent for its amazing spiralling habit has taken gardeners and garden Designers worlds’ by storm !! but sadly has been hyped and overpriced in the process.

Aloe polyphylla originates in the mountains of Lesotho in Africa AND ARE ONE OF THE WORLDS MOST ENDANGERED PLANTS ! Aloe polyphylla look stunning planted in a low pottery or glazed bowl and even though a succulent require lots of water and not direct sun. Plants can take up to 5 years to start spiralling therefore we only supply plants that are around 20- 25 cm in diameter. Beware of small plants being offered online as they will take years to look any good !

We have beautiful, mature specimens the size of dinner plates for only $19.95 and larger sizes upon request. DON’T PAY $45.00 FOR TINY LITTLE PLANTS ADVERTISED ON THE NET THAT WILL TAKE YEARS TO SPIRAL !!!