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Including LC Roses & LC Advanced Trees


Here at Gardenarium our speciality is quality topiary in classic & architectural shapes at realistic prices ! Most good sized topiary are in excess of 10 years old hence a lot of work has gone in to creating them but we do not charge the excessive prices you might be used to seeing and instead share a range at discounted prices!

We offer spheres (domes/ balls), pyramids, Spirals, Cones, Bollards, standards, Double Bubbles, cloud pruned and pom pom shaped topiary. Our wide range of plant species includes; English box, Dwarf Box, Euonymus, Ilex (holly), Japanese box, Ligustrum, Lilly pilly, conifers, Bay tree, Lonicera, Taxus (yew), Camellia and many more !

Our range includes a variety of sizes from starter to full grown feature plants and once placed in a prominent place can generally enhance your garden or home.

If you see something you like or have a particular request, don’t hesitate to ask, we make topiary in all manner of shapes and plant varieties or can grow something for you !

Topiary sculptures- are a modern move and consist of geometric and usual topiary shapes such as animals & figures. These can be made from traditional topiary plants or created using topiary wire frames in which we offer many styles or you can DIY your own from our selection of frames and plants.
Topiary Balls