Gardenarium for Garden Lovers

Including LC Roses & LC Advanced Trees

Gardenarium Nursery

Approaching its 25th year, through which rapid expansion has taken place and priding itself in growing and supplying top quality plants both locally and right across Australia. Gardenarium is the only Nursery in Mount Gambier and the largest Nursery in the Region!

Specializing in everything from the usual to rare and unusual perennial plants, thousands of roses and other beautiful garden gift ware, fountains and pots. Gardenarium diversified into other areas to supply a vast variety of others plants including trees , fruit trees , citrus and shrubs,(Limestone Coast Advanced Trees) and Roses (limestone coast roses) as you can see in other sections of this website.

If you can’t find what you want come for a drive and see the difference or give us a call on 08 8723 1325 or email We welcome telephone orders and post to anywhere in